News Item: American Artist Weekend with the Masters

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American Artist Magazine
Expands Focus
to Include
NYC Metropolitan Area

During its several decades of existence and until last spring, American Artist Magazine has brought readers instructional profiles of mostly commercial-grade artists with only occasional forays into coverage of realist artists shown in museums and upscale galleries.

When Michael Gormley became editorial director in March 2010, the magazine began to train a spotlight on the New York City art world.  Known to this writer from his days as dean of the New York Academy of Art, Gormley has assigned writers to cover art-historical exhibitions like the Whitney’s show on Edward Hopper and New York-based painters such as Bo Bartlett and Steven Assael.  Now the new editor has remembered the East Coast with a spinoff of the annual American Artist’s Weekend with the Masters, always held in California.

With only a few general events so far, the four-day-long “weekend” primarily offers master classes at an assortment of venues with well-respected artist-teachers, including Assael, Alyssa Monks, Jacob Collins, and Odd Nerdrum.  Though pricey, the 3½-day workshops promise intensely focused instruction from masters of the crafts of painting, drawing and sculpture.

Those interested can register now to guarantee a space in these limited-size classes.  For other sessions, tickets will go on sale later.

American Artist
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