Exhibit: Addiction and Art at Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

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Toy Soldier Drawing
To Appear at CSAT
Funding Meeting

In her continuing efforts to tap into the power of art, Patricia Santora, PhD, Public Health Advisor at SAMHSA, plans to display six of the works from Addiction and Art at the annual meeting of the grant division of CSAT in Arlington, Virginia, from November 15-17, 2010.  At the request of the project officers, the Toy Soldier drawing will be represented by a full-scale reproduction.

In an email communication with the artist, Dr. Santora explained, “Numerous topics on substance abuse treatment will be discussed during this 3-day meeting that will draw about 500 participants.  As you know, a typical scientific poster display highlights innovative prevention and treatment initiatives, and the meeting will feature scientific posters from the 140 federal grants that were awarded on this topic.  Our plan is to create a small addiction art gallery that includes…art as part of this scientific session–addiction art integrated with addiction science.”

Dr. Santora looks forward to upcoming opportunities for sharing the Toy Soldier drawing and other Addiction and Art images at meetings of substance abuse professionals.