Publication: “Addiction and Art,” edited by Patricia B. Santora, Margaret L. Dowell & Jack E. Henningfield

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After being exhibited at SAMHSA headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, going on to be part of the show at the annual meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence in San Juan, Puerto Rico, being pictured for January in the 2009 Art and Addiction Calendar, the drawing “Toy Soldier” along with “The Annunciation” appear in the recently published Addiction and Art.

Addiction and Art puts a human face on addiction through the creative work of individuals who have been touched by it.  A panel of addiction scientists, artists, and professionals from the art world selected the 61 pieces included here from more than 1,000 submissions.  Accompanied by a written statement  from the artist, each creation is emblematic of the destructive power of addiction and the regenerative power of recovery.”  (April 2010 Art in America advertisement)

Available at for $19.77.